Company Profile

Company Profile

Established in 2004, Shanghai Pepsen is an ISO9001:2015 certified company. We provide completed custom molded polyurethane service including engineering, custom formulation developing, molding, prototyping, manufacturing and testing.

With nearly 6000 square meters floor space and 100 employees, Shanghai Pepsen is equipped with testing center, analysis laboratory, testing workshop, large-scale production workshops.

We currently have 22 inventions and utility patents. PEPSEN is operating in compliance with environmental license, safety standardization and occupational health standards.
PEPSEN has served over 3500 customers from wide range of industries worldwide, including important national engineering projects and the world's Fortune 500.

PEPSEN Manufacturing processes include:

Open casting

Compression casting

Centrifuge casting

Hand casting

Machine casting

TPU extrusions


PEPSEN Facilities include:

Humidity & temperature controlled testing laboratory

Analysis and laboratory center

Wheel service life testing equipment

Mixing & dispensing machines

Large casting and post-curing ovens

Centrifuges for sheet and fine detail castings

CNC machines, 1.25meter x10 meters lathe

Extruders for PU belting & bespoke profiles


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